Canning Sliced Green Tomatoes Tutorial–Debbie Seagraves


Yes. Canning green tomatoes to fry later. This was not my idea. Thanks for Bren Wampler Kirksey for her idea. She assures me that they will fry up as good as fresh, and you know she is a straight shooter.

So, here is the safety information on this project. NCHFP says you can do green tomatoes just like ripe tomatoes, using the same acidification.

I am using directions for whole or half, raw pack in water. 40 minutes pints. Start by choosing green tomatoes that are firm and will fit in your wide mouth jars.

Wash your tomatoes and get your equipment assembled.

This is my canning equipment, ready to go.

Boiling water.
Jars and lids in hot water.
Jar lifter
Magnetic lid lifter
Citric acid or lemon juice
I am not using salt, but you can.

The water is in the canner just under boiling.

Slice tomatoes as uniformly as possible. I do not excel at this step.

Fill one jar at a time with tomatoes, then boiling water to 1/2 inch headspace.
05 06


Add citric acid. 1/4 t per pint, or a T of lemon juice. Wipe rims. Properly apply two piece lids.

Do one jar at a time and add to boiling water canner,making sure you have 1 to 2 inches water covering. This is a 40 minute process. Two inches is better.

Cover your pot, bring to a boil.

When the water reaches a rolling boil, set timer for 40 minutes.

This is a rolling boil.

Turn it off. Wait 10 minutes.

7 pints, all finished, already pinging. Will wait a week, open one, and report back, but I just know they will be awesome. Thanks for the idea, Bren.

Wait 24 hours, check for a proper seal, wash jars, label, store in cool space.

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One Response to Canning Sliced Green Tomatoes Tutorial–Debbie Seagraves

  1. newattitudeintn says:

    Really works , hubby enjoyed fried green tomatoes all year long


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