Canning White Potatoes Tutorial- Guest Post by Paulette Fremling-Porters

This tutorial follows the instructions from NCHFP for canning white potatoes.  The full instruction can be found here–

Before I start any canning, I read the recipe through and prepare by assembling my canning tools,setting up my canning space and a small saucepan with my new lids, covered with hot water.
01 02

I get the canner ready, adding 3 quarts of water and 1 Tablespoon of vinegar to the water, and have 2 pots of boiling water & extra water simmering in my tea kettle.

I have my jars washed, rinsed & filled with hot water in my sink.

Now I am ready to start my potatoes. I used about 20 pounds of Russets this time. First I scrubbed them with a vegetable brush under running water, then peeled them and removed any eyes and spots thoroughly. Then I rinsed them thoroughly before putting them in a bowl of water with 1 tsp. ascorbic acid in it to prevent them from darkening.
05 06

I cut them into 2” diameter pieces and put them into a fresh bowl of cold water with ascorbic acid in it.
08 07

At this point I am ready to blanch the prepped potatoes for 10 minutes in one of my pots with the boiling water.

I have a large colander ready in my sink to put the blanched potatoes in and rinse them under hot water to rinse some of the starch off.

Next I fill my jars with the hot rinsed potatoes and add fresh boiling water. I debubble the product with my tool and check that the headspace is 1 inch. I do not add salt to my jars but you can add ½ tsp. to pints, or 1 tsp to quarts, for flavor if desired.

Wipe the rim with vinegar on a clean cloth or paper towel, then add a lid and ring.

Then I place each jar in my pressure canner.

You can see I was also doing an experiment with different Brands of lids (Ball, & Golden Harvest & Mainstay) and Jars (Ball wide mouth & regular, Golden Harvest & Mainstay.

I sealed up my canner lid and once it had steam vented for 10 minutes I set my timer. I processed my jars for 40 minutes with my 10 pound weight as that is what my elevation calls for (confirm your altitude and check to see which timing you need to use on the table in the recipe link above). After the canner is completely depressurized, remove the weight from the vent pipe or open the petcock. Wait 10 minutes; then unfasten the lid and remove it carefully. Lift the lid with the underside away from you so that the steam coming out of the canner does not burn your face

After the 10 minutes I removed my jars from the canner placing them on a towel on the counter to cool.

After 12 hours I removed the rings and washed my jars. I did have some siphoning from the Mainstay jars & Lids which also made it look like rusty water on top of the jars.
15 16

I’ll use these jars first.

And the finished product:

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