Making Homemade Butter in the Food Processor

When I was a little girl, churning butter was fun.  My Grandpa would do the milking.  When the rich, luscious cream separated out, Grandma would pour it off into a churn and allow it to “clabber” for a couple days.  That allowed the natural cultures to form, which gave the butter and the buttermilk a wonderful tanginess, and probably many nutritional benefits lacking in butter you buy today.


Unfortunately, the heavy whipping cream you buy in the stores today is usually ultra-pasteurized, so it doesn’t clabber.  You can still make excellent butter from it, though.  The food processor has cut the churning process down to a very short time.  You might want to give it a try, at least once, to get something close the experience of real, homemade butter.

If you have access to raw milk, I suggest you give the clabbering process a try, too.

Oh, yes, kids love doing this.  It is worth doing at least once, just to share the experience with your kids.

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