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Organic Gardening: Harvesting and Curing Inchelium Red Garlic

Garlic is a great thing to grow in your backyard garden.  It takes up little space, needs almost no attention, stores well, and saves you lots of money.  Garlic is very expensive in the grocery store, and you have very … Continue reading

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Stuffed Pork Tenderloin with Raspberry Sauce

Want a special occasion dinner without breaking the bank?

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Integrated Pest Management–guest post by Rose Duncan

Integrated Pest Management or IPM is … an ecological approach to pest management that combines understanding the causes of pest outbreaks,manipulating the crop ecosystem for pest control, and monitoring pest populations and their life cycles to determine if and when the use of pesticides is indicated. … Continue reading

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Successful production of any crop begins with the soil. A fertile, biologically active soil provides plants with most of the nutrients needed for good growth. Fertilizers can supplement or renew these nutrients, but they should be added only when a … Continue reading

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Choices You Can Make

I actually rarely buy organic food. Yes, I know, sacrilege. It isn’t that I don’t believe organic is better for you, I do. I just think the organic label is not the only indicator of healthy food. My number one … Continue reading

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Let’s Talk – Terminology

A quick visit to any gardening group or page on Facebook will tell the casual observer that there is great confusion about what is safe to plant, grow, eat, and save in the home garden.  That is not surprising, since … Continue reading

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Organic Growing

Intensive Organic Gardening Ohio. Organic gardening GA. organic gardening techniques MO Organic Gardening UGA. Organic mix for bag or container culture1 Organic mixed fertilizer recipes Organic pest controls Organic pesticides and honey bees Organic recommendations based on soil tests Organic … Continue reading

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